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"Vintage Soul by Cathe Holden" - Unearth Nostalgic Delights in Patchwork Fabrics

Discover a treasure trove of embroidered and crewel-stitched wonders – from delightful flowers to charming birds and sweet repeats. In this vibrant collection, you'll find the bright colors of happiness, all inspired by the craft kits that were a hit in the 60s and 70s. Cathe Holden has lovingly brought back the magic of that era by reproducing her cherished batch of crocheted potholders and hot pads as delightful prints. She also introduces a whimsical cheater-quilt design, a rainbowesque tribute to her treasured mid-century patchwork throws.

With "Vintage Soul" fabrics, your projects, big or small, are infused with an extra dose of cheerfulness. Create the kind of timeless, heartwarming pieces that resonate with the vintage soul in you.


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