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Introducing Michal Marco's Exquisite Fabric Collection - Promise Me for Poppie Cotton. 

Discover the enchanting world of gardening with the meticulously crafted collection by Michal Marco. Immerse yourself in the joy of nature as you explore an array of gardening essentials, including tools, hats, planting pots, boots, watering cans, and baskets filled with vibrant flowers. Michal Marko's artistic touch extends to delicate roses, juicy strawberries, charming clovers, cheerful daisies, and an assortment of tiny, tossed flowers, complemented by subtle, tone-on-tone leaf patterns.

Michal Marco's collection is a celebration of the outdoors, capturing the essence of the garden with a harmonious color palette. From soft buttery yellows to lush grass greens, tranquil pale blues, and the richness of deep reds and pinks in various shades, each piece reflects the beauty and diversity found in nature. Elevate your gardening experience with this delightful collection that promises to bring the serenity and charm of the garden into your everyday life.


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