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"Blueberry Delight Patchwork Fabrics - A Sweet Symphony of Blue and White Quilts"

Indulge your passion for blue and white quilts with our enchanting "Blueberry Delight" fabric range. Inspired by the delightful combination of blueberries and the timeless appeal of blue and white patterns, this collection brings you a harmonious blend of florals, checks, stripes, and charming tiny prints.

The color palette is fresh and inviting, with a hint of cream added to the whites for a soothing and creamy touch, reminiscent of a bowl of luscious blueberries and cream. With "Blueberry Delight," you can create quilted masterpieces that exude elegance and comfort.

Craft your own slice of serenity with "Blueberry Delight" patchwork fabrics, where blue and white quilts meet the sweetness of blueberries in a delightful fabric collection.


"I love blue and white quilts, and I love blueberries, so the combination was a fun one for a fabric line! I’ve combined florals, checks, stripes, and tiny prints to bring you a fabric line I’m calling Blueberry Delight. The colors are fresh, and I’ve added a touch of cream to the whites for a soothing look. They remind me of a bowl of blueberries and cream. I’ve designed four new patterns for this fabric line that I hope your customers will love. From blue lambs, birds, and baskets to a pieced quilt inspired by a vintage block, there’s something for everyone."

- Anne




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