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Embrace the Heartfelt Path
What could be more fulfilling than embracing a life guided by your heart's desires? The celebrated artist, Kelly Rae Roberts, is a shining example of someone who does just that. Her passion for mixed media art and her tender style are beautifully reflected in this collection.  Explore the captivating True Hearts patterns, ideal for your applique endeavors. Alongside these, you'll find a harmonious blend of botanical motifs, geometric designs, and inspiring word prints, all presented in calming shades of coral, teal, and lime. Whether you're embarking on a contemporary quilt project, home decor creations, or fashion endeavors, these fabrics are your canvas to craft something truly special.

"Embrace the Heartfelt Path" is a serene collection that seamlessly weaves angels, florals, and geometrics with a captivating mixed-media touch. Designed by the talented Kelly Rae Roberts for Benartex, this collection invites you to infuse your projects with heartfelt inspiration.

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