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This year’s Collection benefits the Parkinson’s Foundation (, which works to study and treat a disease that affects many, including folks affiliated with Moda. “We’re a pretty tightknit family here,” says Josh Dunn, Moda’s VP of Development. “Many employees have been here the majority of their working years and are ingrained Collections for a Cause Returns with Etchings by Howard Marcus by Linzee McCray @seamswrite The Moda Team at the 2022 Parkinson's Walk in Dallas, Texas. 2 in the fabric of our lives. When something affects one person it affects us all and we want to make the biggest impact we can to support these people.” By Choice and By Chance The 2023 Etchings collection is the result of serendipity, according to Moda’s design director Jamie Chupik. Quilters were clamoring for another Collection at the same time they were requesting Josh, Mark, Megan & Brian Dunn4 Collection for a Cause Etchings Precuts, 108" Quilt Back Prints & Collage Print next to Moda's antique fabric books. PS44330 Tulips Pillow or Table Runner 16" x 36" MC Friendly 3 a repeat of 2011’s Etchings, designed by Moda’s in-house team 3 Sisters. “The opulent tones of the collection are a nod to the original fabrics,” says Jamie. “The rich reds and pretty warm aquas, the grays and stones are exactly the same in this collection as in the first Etchings.” A collage-style fabric that mixes imagery from antique architecture books and text—a signature look for 3 Sisters—was reintroduced but updated to reflect the collection’s focus on Parkinson’s disease. Motivational words including compassion, optimism, and calm are affixed to labels from vintage bottles, and text includes the signature of the scientist who discovered Parkinson’s disease and a quote from Shakespeare on friendship. There are also words from one of the best-known Americans diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Michael J. Fox: “One’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalized, and cruelly mocked but cannot be taken away unless it’s surrendered.” Combined with the text is imagery including a tulip, recognized by Parkinson’s organizations as a symbol of optimism and hope, and a tree representing growth and strength. “It’s got a spiritual quality, adds variety and dimension, and sets the tone for the entire group,” says Jamie of the elaborate collage

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