Here's an easy way to sew a zipper.

Date Posted:16 May 2020 

You will love this hint! Here is a great way to sew a zipper.

I know that most of you don't like sewing zippers.  I hear you!  They can be fiddly and often you break a needle or have to unpick a few stitches when you are sewing them. 

The method, I am showing you in the video, doesn't use a zipper foot.   I encourage you to adapt it to what you are making.   It cannot be used for all zippers but it is a great way to sew zippers for lots and lots of crafts.  

A few hints: 

  • Use a number 5 zipper as it is extra wide
  • Avoid metal zippers 
  • Try using a zipper that is longer than needed and then trim down to suit what you are making. 



And you can topstitch it neatly too!


Happy sewing! 

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